EEG-related Clinical Trials

The information provided on this page was obtained from The advanced query feature was used to identify which studies are associated with the keyword 'EEG' according to the NLM search algorithm. On May 22, 2016, the query returned 1,221 EEG-related studies with 2,643 facilities. The NCT IDs that uniquely identify each study were used to retrieve information from a relational database of aggregated clinical trial data that is supported by the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative's (CTTI). This relational database is the Aggregate Analysis of (AACT) system.

Geographic Distribution

The map below shows the distribution of 2,643 facilities for the 1,221 EEG-related studies. This represents the situation as defined by data in The map includes information about all EEG-related studies - not just those that are currently active. The dataset used to generate this map is static and based on data current as of May 22, 2016.

Geographic Trends

By Fiscal Year

Fiscal years run from Sept 1 - Aug 31


Data used to create these visualizations.

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